Oligonucleic acid-functionalized stimuli-responsive membranes..

DNA-aptamers are used as specific, reversible, and target-concentration dependent actuators in membranes and particles whose permeability or controlled release can be modulated through a molecular recognition event rather than a bulk stimulus. Such membranes and particles find a great application potential in biomedical and bioanalytical flow devices.

Biomolecules in room-temperature ionic liquids for sensing and separations

We study the function of DNA-based systems in non-conventional solvents such as ionic liquids.
Our interest lies in a fundamental molecular understanding and in pushing the application of functional DNA further toward non-physiological applications.

Membranes modified by room-temperature ionic liquids for separations

Ionic liquids are tuneable additives in polymer matrices that can result in unique morphological changes of the membrane polymer. We try to comprehend the underlying molecular interactions and determine the potential of these unique solvents for creating membrane barriers.

Affinity membranes and membrane fouling

Using state-of-the-art surface sensitive techniques, we characterize and study membrane surface modifications and membrane fouling in microfluidic systems.