A membrane conference a bit different...

Together with João Crespo from FCT/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, we are organizing for the first time a membrane conference on 14-19 May 2017 that will be a bit unconventional: ImagineMembrane.

The conference will take place in the charming town of Horta on the beautiful Island Faial. Participation to this conference will be limited to about 100 participants, but it is expected to be a very lively conference: only plenaries, plenty of time for discussions and a strong student participation. The conference schedule will be similar to that of Gordon Research Conferences and social activities will include trips on the island as well as to the neighbouring Island of Pico.

The conference aims at tackling controversial issues with ample time for discussion that we so often miss on standard conferences. For this purpose, we work closely together with our colleagues from NAMS and EMS, with the location being in between the territories of both membrane societies: the stunning Azores Islands.

We are right now working on the programme and update of our web-page with practical information. Please check regularly for updates: