MSc. Beñat Olave Fernández

PhD Student

Lab. 2.15, Edifício Korta

Tel: +34 943 01 8399 (lab/office)
Fax:+34 977 55 9621


Beñat Olave studied Chemistry at the the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and graduated in July 2015, then he finished the MS in "Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials" in September 2016 in which he specialized in Polymeric Materials. He performed his master thesis in the Vienna University of Technology (TUWien) for 6 months.

In 2014 he made a research internship in POLYMAT, and he started taking experience in the area of ionic liquids, synthesizing Polymeric Ionic Liquids. Then he made another research internship of 6 months in TECNALIA in which he synthesized and used Ionic Liquids for Extraction of Cobalt and Lanthanides from spent Ni-MH batteries. He performed his master thesis on Nanoparticles in Surface-Active Ionic Liquids and his research topic now in the NanoBioSeparations group, as PhD student, is on Functional Oligonucleotides in Ionic Liquids.