Responsive Membranes and Materials

The NanoBioSeparations Group is a transdisciplinary team that creates barriers for separations and sensing by combinining synthetic membranes with emerging materials and biomolecules.
The apparent aim is to develop tunable, highly-selective and versatile interfaces; the underlying driving force is to understand intertactions between molecules and ultimately the concept of selectivity.

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Latest News & Events

18 Ago

A membrane conference a bit different...

By Iliane, Tom

Together with João Crespo from FCT/Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, we are organizing for the first time a membrane conference on 14-19 May 2017 that will be a bit unconventional: ImagineMembrane.

The conference will take place in the charming town of Horta on the beautiful Island Faial. Participation to this conference will be limited...

22 Jul

Early Detection of Membrane Fouling

By Iliane, Tom

With financial support from the ERC (PoC "ESSENS", 2016) and the Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, as well as the support from BIC Gipuzkoa, we are exploring new ways for fouling monitoring in membrane water filtration....